Spring 2023 Exhibition

Art of Science

Submissions Are Open Until February 21st!

Submissions are open through Tuesday, February 21st!

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About Art of Science

The Princeton University Art of Science exhibition explores the interplay between science and art. Works are selected for their aesthetic excellence, for their scientific or technical interest, and for their capacity to inspire creativity across disciplines, cultures, languages, and age groups. The exhibition spurs conversation among artists about the nature of art, opens scientists to new ways of “seeing” their own research, and offers a lens through which the general public can engage with both art and science—two fields that for different reasons can feel inaccessible to the non-expert.

Powerful modeling and imaging tools now capture our world in ways never before contemplated and produce—either intentionally or unwittingly—aesthetically compelling visual artifacts. When considered through the lens of art, these works can push our understanding of the human experience, enhance and even challenge our understanding of the natural world, and enrich our culture by expanding the definition of what we call art and whom we think of as “artists.”

Ultimately, the aim of Art of Science is to celebrate the symbiosis of two fields that are essential expressions of human creativity and experience.

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“The Art of Science competition at Princeton University challenges scientists to record the sometimes fleeting moments when science becomes art.”