Image FAQ

What kind of image is appropriate to submit?

Anything produced in the course of performing research. Examples include microscope photographs, telescope photographs, still images from video cameras, IR cameras, high-speed cameras, simulation results, 3-D renderings, data plots, and mathematical visualizations, observations of natural phenomena etc. Photographs and sketches of physical objects related to science and the scientific process are eligible.  We solicit original images made during the scientific process, not images inspired by science.

What do you want to know in the “image/scale” question of the submission form?

Please let us know what kind of image it is and how it was created (computer simulation software? scanning electron microscope?) We’d also like to know the physical scale of the object(s). Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether an image is a nanometer across or a kilometer across. So it is important that you identify the scale.

What do you mean by “print ready”?

We will endeavor to ensure that all images that make it to the exhibition are displayed in the best possible manner, so please submit the highest resolution possible of the original image.

Can I submit images in a format other than JPG?

No. Please submit JPG images. If you are concerned about compression artifacts, use “high quality” settings. If your image originated in a different format and converting to JPG causes visual degradation, please indicate in the description box on the submission form that the other format is available for the exhibition.

What if I have an image from a scientific instrument that is low resolution?

Submit it! If it makes it to the exhibition we’ll print it out in a suitable size based upon the resolution and display it along with the rest of the images.

Can I submit more than one image?


How much does it cost to submit?


Can I submit to both the image competition and the video competition?


Who is eligible to participate?

This competition is open to the Princeton University community, which we interpret broadly. This includes students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Just describe your connection in the “affiliation” part of the submission form.

What about alumni? I graduated from Princeton, am I eligible to submit?


What if my image is not from a formal lab or research project?

We accept images from “citizen scientists” that were taken in the spirit of scientific inquiry, liberally defined.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please email the organizers at