The greatest scientists are artists as well. – Albert Einstein


The Princeton University Art of Science exhibition explores the interplay between science and art. The images are not art for art’s sake. Rather, they are produced during the course of scientific research. Entries are chosen for their aesthetic excellence as well as scientific or technical interest.

Art of Science spurs debate among artists about the nature of art, opens scientists to new ways of “seeing” their own research, and serves as a democratic window through which the general public can appreciate both art and science — two fields that for different reasons can feel threatening to the non-expert. Art of Science imagery has universal appeal, across cultures, languages, and age groups.

Powerful imaging tools can now capture our world in ways never before contemplated and unintentionally produce aesthetically interesting visual artifacts. When viewed through the lens of art, these images can further man’s concept of what it means to be human, enhance our appreciation of the natural world, and enrich our cultural heritage by expanding the definition of what we call art and who we call artists. Ultimately, the aim of the AoS enterprise is to create a new symbiosis of the two fields long considered irreconcilable ever since C.P. Snow’s pronouncement in the 1950s of the great cultural divide that exists between science and the humanities.

We are currently organizing the 2017 exhibit. The opening reception is scheduled for: May 5, 2017, at 4:30 p.m. in the Friend Center Atrium. 

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Please contact Jasmin Imran Alsous for more information about current and past exhibits.